Using Event Tracking with links or actions involving Page loads (sending a user off the page without opening a new window) with Google Analytics and JS

Update – April 16th, 2014: a new article on how to achieve this more efficiently specifically with GA Universal Code was posted. The below idea is still valid in some cases. Is it possible to use Event tracking with links/forms that redirect to pages in the same browser window? I used to think that this […]

Parameter Passing and Redirect Craziness: 301 redirects, Fragment Identifiers (Hash – #), Query String Variables

Some key points/themes: in 301 redirects, parameters often do not get passed on as either the server config (server-side script, .htaccess, mod_rewrite or server/CMS config) is not set up to do so. Ensure to consult relevant parties (e.g. IT, web devs etc) when unsure. See below for tips. the fragment (hash – #) are not […]