Facebook Business Manager Verification – “Start Verification” Button Disabled!?

There are many benefits to verify your Business Manager on Facebook; however, it is not exactly straightforward to start the process. Many business owners want to complete this process, but (to my knowledge) there are no clear/consolidated steps on how to begin as the “Start Verification” within Business Manager can be greyed-out or disabled.

To ensure that the “Start Verification” button is enabled and that you can start the process you will need to (as a pre-requisite):

  • Verify/Whitelist your domain within Business Manager
  • Have a Facebook App and tie it to your Business Manager

Verify/Whitelist your domain within Business Manager

Domain verification within Business Manager allows businesses to establish domain ownership (i.e. the domain that will be used in your submission) as a signal to Facebook that you own the particular domain in question. The following steps are how you can do so:

Have a Facebook App and tie it to your Business Manager

The more counter-intuitive step of the verification process is to ensure that you have a Facebook (developer) App and link it to your Business Manager. Many businesses have never really needed a Facebook App previously for their marketing activities; however, it seems to be a requirement to begin the whole verification process.

I Don’t Have a Facebook App. How do I create one?

If you do not have an app, the following steps (top two steps) are how you can create one. You must have a Developer Account and be logged in to create the App:

After the app is created, it is a good practice to claim it within your Business Manager.

I have a Facebook App (or have created one).

If you have an existing app, you can claim it in your Business Manager according to the following steps:

Once you have the app claimed, you must tie the App to your Business Manager to start the Business Verification process. This can be done in the App’s Basic Settings as demonstrated in the following steps:

Once all of the above is completed the “Start Verification” button will be active and no longer greyed out.

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