How to future-proof your Facebook marketing against the latest news feed changes (Jan 2018) with the pixel and other optimizations

When it comes to Facebook Marketing as well in life, there are things we can and cannot control. This article will go into a few technical aspects on how to future-proof your Facebook marketing efforts. The following tips are ideas to consider to ensure your technical Facebook marketing fundamentals are strong to help weather any […]

What are the SubscribedButtonClick and MicroData events and can/should I disable this?

In mid-May 2017, the Facebook Pixel started to automatically send button click (SubscribedButtonClick) and metadata (MicroData) tracking events. This is a feature called Auto-Config where: The Facebook pixel will send button click and page metadata (such as data structured according to Opengraph or formats) from your website to improve your ads delivery and measurement […]

Using Event Tracking with links or actions involving Page loads (sending a user off the page without opening a new window) with Google Analytics and JS

Update – April 16th, 2014: a new article on how to achieve this more efficiently specifically with GA Universal Code was posted. The below idea is still valid in some cases. Is it possible to use Event tracking with links/forms that redirect to pages in the same browser window? I used to think that this […]